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The Crescent Group X provides many services
Business Consulting

We offer a number of business consulting services which include Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, Business Financing Assistance, Budget Preparation, Financial Projections, Executive Dashboard Preparation, Merger and Acquisition Assistance, Business Plan Preparation.

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CFO to Grow

Many businesses don't have the financial resources to hire a full time CFO, so having access to a part time one can help fill the void as your business grows. The benefits of having a part time CFO are numerous and include helping you with necessary recordkeeping, establishing financial policies and procedures for continuing operations, design and generate financial reports, as well as the schedule and procedures for their production, executive management dashboards and much more.

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If you need more time to provide your company the attention it needs to increase revenues, we can help you with your bookkeeping. Accurately recording your revenues and expenses, preparing your deposits and checks and providing you financial data on a timely basis will help you spend more time on making money and less time on financial tasks that keep you from doing what you do best.

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Business Startup and Finance

Starting a business can be a challenge for today's entrepreneur so let us help to guide you through the process. Our experience in helping to startup businesses can help you through the process. Preparing projections, budgets, and all the other processes of starting a business are what we help business owners with. Financing a startup or an existing business can be a daunting process for business owners who are concentrating on revenue generation, but our 20+ years of experience in banking and finance can help you with the process.

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Fraud Prevention and Investigation

Having the right people is very important to a business, and a key part of knowing that an individual is right for a position in your company is making sure that their background is known to you so you can make an informed decision to help prevent future fraud. In the event you suspect employee fraud or theft, our team will investigate as necessary to help you get to the bottom of your concerns.

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Computer Consulting and Service

If you are in need of assistance with your computer running slow or if you need advice on how to make your web site better optimized for seach engine ranking (search engine optimization), then let us help you with your needs.

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